First off you have to remember how much time people spend on social media.

For example, the average American checks Facebook 14 times a day.

For many businesses, social media is a vehicle for leads, sales, and community.

Spending money on social media is not an IF, it’s a HOW.

If you want people to know who you are as a business, you can’t ignore where the majority of the population is giving their attention all day long. And that’s Facebook.

People are not only researching products and businesses on social media, they are making their buying decisions on social media. As a business, you have to be where your customers are spending their time. Over the past few years Facebook has dramatically changed.

When Facebook first became a vehicle for businesses to create social proof and drive business, an organic post would generate hundreds of likes and comments. Facebook was like the Wild West. You could just show up and get conversions off a few posts. The word spread and more and more businesses flooded the advertising space.

In the beginning of 2016, Facebook celebrated three million businesses actively advertising on the Facebook platform. It has been said that in 2017, broad marketing inventory for paid advertisers is at the lowest it has ever been. Now that more businesses are competing in this space, what are the chances of the organic stuff coming through to your prospect’s newsfeed?

You have to pay to play in order to reach your customer in the space they spend their time.

Your potential customers are spending most of their time perusing their newsfeeds and watching a video of a cucumber scaring a cat. The point is you are now competing for their attention, but you are also competing with other advertisers for that customer’s attention.

Unfortunately, Facebook is no longer a place where you can organically post and expect your customers to see it.

So I’m sure you are wondering, how the hell can you reach your customers?

Although social media has changed and strategies have become complex, social media is still driving so much of the revenue we are seeing in business today.

In order to be in front of your customer, you have to utilize Facebook ads.

By being strategic, utilizing pixel funnels and other tools, you can work smarter not harder. If you are even questioning whether to spend any budget, you need to rethink whether you want anybody to know who the hell you are because Facebook is where people are spending their time.

Why on earth would you not want to be sitting in the exact place your customer is giving their attention?

Samantha Heacock

Sam is the Marketing Director of Zero Hour Media, although you would never know that if you spent a day with her. She’s usually got the longest “to-do” list out of the entire team, and somehow manages to find time to play with Axel “The Beast” Flannery AKA the company dog. Sam attended Taylor University where she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. You can usually find her on the side of a mountain, climbing her way to the top, (literally, not figuratively.)