The Mission

Successfully launch a brand-new podcast, supported by an active community, in the survival and preparation space.

M4Sā€™s success is predicated on successfully launching weekly podcast episodes, as well as building a devoted community, where subscribers and fans alike can continue to learn, share ideas, and build relationships.

Downloads of the podcast and community members added to the Facebook Group are the primary tactical focuses of this project. A strategic plan to potentially monetize the brand is a future goal.

The Plan

Create a brand platform through which survivalists and preppers begin listening to M4S podcast episodes. This was accomplished focusing on three key initiatives.

ā€“ Engage an audience already interested in this topic, using video advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and give potential listeners a glimpse into the quality of the podcast, sharing bits of information delivered each week.

ā€“ Simultaneously increase brand awareness, while also driving clicks to download podcast episodes.

ā€“ Leverage a retargeting campaign facing those who engaged, clicked and watched the video ads, to join the M4S Facebook Group. Consistent content delivered by M4S to its community and continual reminders to check out the latest episode, each week.

The Result

From 0 to 1100+ downloads per day, M4S has become one of the top 5 Podcasts in the Survival space for the iTunes store. This growth and success have all occurred in barely four months and the month over month figures indicate exponential growth moving forward.

The second mission of growing the private Facebook Group and creating engagement has been an unmitigated success. The M4S group today is comprised of almost 600 members, including a series of famous industry-leading podcast guests, contributors, and provides timely and relevant, tangible, survival value to its audience.