“It’s all going to come down to intent” – Joe Rare, Co-Founder, Zero Hour Media

Let’s expand on this a bit:


Maybe one or more of the following has occurred:

  • You now offer a new service
  • Your company has a new location
  • You have a new message you’d like to share with your visitors
  • You have company values that you cherish
  • You have a new audience visiting your site that you need to tailor to

The list goes on and on.

More often than not, your website is the company’s foundation; IT’S HOME BASE.

It’s your digital storefront – where everything begins.

It’s where prospects, future clients and current clients alike come to validate who you are.

It’s the same reason you wear a suit to an interview or why you wear a nice button up on your first date – First impressions matter.

In this day and age, the virtual representation of “who you are” is the difference between failure and success.

At this point, you should be thinking to yourself… “What do I want my company to communicate to my customer or prospect?”


Have you seen Apple’s new site yet? Probably not because they’re constantly making updates.

Some other important questions you should be asking:

  • Does my brand resonate with my audience?
  • Is my web design in style?
  • Am I using aged logos or assets?
  • Is my web interface customer friendly?
  • Is my website mobile responsive?
  • How easy is the purchase process?
  • Does my website content educate my customer?

Your website is often the first impression that your prospects and potential clients get to see, so it needs to be mobile responsive, easy to use, and educate your prospect through their buying journey.

Trevor Luehrs

Trevor is the Content Marketing Specialist for Zero Hour Media. Trevor has always found interest in program management and the company’s image - which led him to take on his current position. Trevor left the Marine Corps in 2016 to pursue a degree in Engineering and never turns down an opportunity to learn something new.