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Video Production

Video is the most consumed content on the internet and that is only growing. Are you using video in your marketing strategies?

Combining video content with paid media is a proven recipe for cost-effectiveive campaigns that convert.

Looking for engagement? Video boasts the most engagement of all content mediums on all social platforms.


Don’t let the words “Paid Media” or “Advertising” scare you – it’s well within your reach to use it in your own business.

The most relevant strategies for most businesses involve an element of paid media. Whether that consists of running Facebook™ Ads to a hyper-targeted audience, using Google Adwords, or buying ads on networks. Paid Media allows you to reach your target customers exactly where they are already providing their attention.

At its core, all marketing is a function of attention arbitrage. We will help you define where your customers are focusing their attention and how to seize it at the lowest cost.