What to do when your client is a brewery, do you have a beer every time you visit?

Building a business requires patience that is similar to that of parenting. Well, isn’t it sort of the same thing? You nurture and care for your business, you feed it, you help it grow. There are ups and downs in that growth, sometimes it involves not growing and sitting stagnant for a time and then recalibrating and finding the next step to take.

If you’ve ever had a business of your own or even a child, you can relate.

Joe Rare

Joe is a Co-Founder of Zero Hour Media and is the lead on all things marketing for the company. He attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where he studied Economics. You can usually find him speaking to an audience, whether in person or behind a camera, about the most relevant topics in marketing and business today. Joe is the driver behind the race car that is ZHM.